Fable 4 Screenshots

Fable 4 ScreenshotsIf you have read our article titled Fable 4 Rumors, no information regarding its development or release is out. Together with this, no Fable 4 Screenshots can be found on the internet, or anywhere else. No official word has been released by Lionhead Studios regarding its development. While no Fable 4 Screenshots are out on the internet for viewing, screenshots from the previous installments of the Fable video game series are still out and available online.

The first Fable video game installment was released in 2004, while the last one was released in 2012. Within those 8 years, a total of 5 versions have been released by the franchise. 9 years have passed since the release of the very first Fable video game was done. We may think that with that length of time, the disparity of the graphics would be great. But, since the release dates of all installments fell under the 21st century, we can expect that the graphics of their screenshots are high in quality because of technology.

The following are some screenshots of the previous Fable video game series installments, starting from Fable up to Fable: The Journey.


Screenshots from Pre-Fable 4 games

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Fable – 2004
Here are some screenshots from the very first game of the Fable video game series. Technology has really helped make the graphics of the game look awesome. If this game was released during the 190’s, it wouldn’t be this good.

 fable-screenshot-1 fable-screenshot-2 fable-screenshot-3 fable-screenshot-4 fable-screenshot-5 fable-screenshot-6 fable-screenshot-7 fable-screenshot-9

Fable: The Lost Chapters – 2005
This installment is a spin-off of the first Fable video game. The graphics of this game has improved compared to the first one. Though it’s not easily seen, there are improvements when you take a closer look at the screenshots.

 able-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-1 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-2 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-3 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-4 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-5 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-6 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-7 fable-the-lost-chapters-screenshot-8

Fable II – 2008
This is the sequel of Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. 3 years after the last release was made, this installment has attained graphics improvement compare to the previous two. Here are some screenshots of Fable II.
fable-2-screenshot-1 fable-2-screenshot-2 fable-2-screenshot-3 fable-2-screenshot-4 fable-2-screenshot-5 fable-2-screenshot-6 fable-2-screenshot-7 fable-2-screenshot-8

Fable III – 2010
The graphics of this video game series continued to improve over time. But compared to the previous installments, Fable III was the least positively received by video game players. Could it be because of the video game graphics, or for some other reason? You’ll be the judge to that and take a look at these Fable III screenshots.

fable-3-screenshot-1fable-3-screenshot-2 fable-3-screenshot-3 fable-3-screenshot-4 fable-3-screenshot-5 fable-3-screenshot-6 fable-3-screenshot-7 fable-3-screenshot-8  

Fable: The Journey – 2012
Being the latest released installment, Fable: The Journey has obviously the best graphics among all of the released Fable video games. Though it’s not that obvious, you can see the major improvement of this installment since the first release of this video game franchise.

fable-the-journey-screenshot-1 fable-the-journey-screenshot-2 fable-the-journey-screenshot-3 fable-the-journey-screenshot-4 fable-the-journey-screenshot-5 fable-the-journey-screenshot-6 fable-the-journey-screenshot-7 fable-the-journey-screenshot-8


As of this time, there are still no Fable 4 Screenshots which are available for viewing. The developers are the ones who have control over the things that they want to happen for this video game series. All we can do as of now is to wait for things to come. You can also check out our article titled will there be a Fable 4 for more news and information about the Fable video game series.