Fable 4 Rumors

Fable 4 RumorsAs what we have learned from the article Fable 4 Release Date, Lionhead Studios has not made any buzz yet regarding the possible release of Fable 4. In my own opinion, fans of this video game series will have to wait for at least one year. My explanation to this is that when you take a look at the patterns of the release dates, the closest-to-reality possible release date of Fable 4 should be on October 2014. But then again, this is just my own prediction. As what I’ve said, there are still no news regarding a Fable 4 development, and only the people behind this video game franchise know what’s going to happen. So with this situation, how about we focus on Fable 4 Rumors that have been circulating around the internet? These rumors have been talked about by video game players who are into the Fable series. Some of these rumors might be true, while some might not be. We can’t tell which is which until the real game comes out. To give you something to check out while the next installment is not yet released, we searched for the top Fable 4 Rumors and posted them for you. Here they are.

A fan-made video trailer titled “Fable 4 2013” was uploaded by user LycanLumy on YouTube. The viewers reacted to the video negatively because the video wasn’t about Fable 4, but rather showed a scene from one of the previous installments of Fable. In my opinion, the video has reached almost 400,000 views only because the fans were tricked into believing that it was really a Fable 4 trailer. If I were given the chance, I would prefer to have an unview option to be used on videos such as this one. Anyway, here is the fake Fable 4 trailer that we have been talking about.


On the site of Destructoid, there is a Fable 4 Rumor article titled “Rumor: Fable IV out 2013, probably not on rails”. This is what the writer had to say.

I suppose this shouldn’t come as a shock, but rumors are now saying that Lionhead is currently working on Fable IV.

Peter Molyneux and company are said to be prepping the sequel for a 2013. The rumor comes from the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, which says the title will be a “proper, controller-based Fable.” Lionhead’s already announced Fable: The Journey, an all Kinect, all the time experience that’s totally not on rails, guys.

If this is true, then my prediction of an October 2014 Fable 4 release would be wrong. And together with this, the pattern of a 2-year gap release of most of the previous installments will be broken. You might also be wondering what the highlighted words “probably not on rails” mean. In my view, this means that Fable 4 would deviate from the usual nature of Fable video games. In other words, Fable 4 might bring something new to the table. Considering this idea would probably be a good move for the franchise, since their last released installment didn’t perform well on the gaming market. Many people expect Fable 4 to be the video game that would pull up this falling franchise.

The two Fable 4 Rumors above are the most significant ones that we have found on the web. By this time, only rumors are out on the social network since no official Fable 4 Trailer or any other news has been released. We will know by the end of this year if the rumors of a 2013 Fable 4 release are true. Until then, all we can do is to wait patiently.