What is this website about?

Fable4.net is a fan site and a website which provides the latest news and information on the possible Fable 4 installment, including the Release Date, Video Game Trailer, Screenshots, Rumors, and more. On this website, 3 categories can be found: News, Video, and Pictures. These 3 categories have corresponding articles for each. For the News category, 3 articles have been made. The first one, “Fable 4 Release Date”, is written to give information on the predicted possible release date of Fable 4. In addition to that, the release dates of the previous Fable installments are also included. The second article titled “Will there be a Fable “, gives opinions on why the developers should come up with a Fable 4 installment. The third article, “Fable 4 Rumors”, lists the top Fable 4 rumors that we have found on the internet. These include a fake fan-made Fable 4 trailer and a Fable 4 rumor article. For the Video category, the article “Fable 4 Trailer” is there to show the trailers and gameplay videos of the previous Fable video game series installments. Again, a Fable 4 trailer is not yet available. And for the Pictures category, the article “Fable 4 Screenshots” shows images of the previous installments of the Fable 4 video game series. But then again, no Fable 4 screenshots are available for viewing.


Why should you visit our website regularly?

As much as possible, we want to satisfy our readers and give them the news and information they need on the different topics mentioned on this website. Therefore, we will do our very best to update our website with the latest articles on the different topics. This is our goal since we know that video game players, especially those Fable series fans, have been waiting for news and information on the Fable 4 installment. Leave this to us because this is our responsibility. All you have to do is to check out our website and read the articles in it. After all, our priority is the satisfaction of our readers. And there is no chance of us posting anything nonsense here on our website.